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What age of vehicle are you thinking of buying?
Vehicle age
Some of our finance products are only available on new cars. If you are considering a used, demonstrator or pre-registered car, select "Used". If you are undecided at the moment, select "Undecided". 
Is owning the car once all repayments are made important to you, or are you more interested in the usage of the car?
Some funding products pass ownership of the car to you once all repayments are made. Others allow you to use the car for a fixed term and simply hand it back, providing mileage and condition parameters are met. If you are undecided for now, select "Undecided".
Would you prefer to pay a larger deposit (over 20% of the vehicle's value) instead of paying a lower deposit amount?
Large deposit
In order to treat you fairly, we would not recommend a larger deposit with a finance product that has a hand-back option, as your initial deposit will be lost. On those products, if you have a part exchange that exceeds the recommended amount in value, you could opt for a cashback amount. In that instance, or if you are undecided what size of deposit you want to use for now, select "Undecided".
What is your anticipated annual mileage in future?
Annual mileage
Some of our finance products have a maximum annual mileage attached to them. To help us produce the right products for you to choose from, please select the mileage band you think is most appropriate.
How often would you like to change your car?
Vehicle change
If you like to change you car regularly, for example to keep up to date with specifications and stay in warranty, we have finance products that are geared towards this. Selecting a preferred length of agreement helps us recommend a product suited to your needs. Please note - a longer agreement does not always equate to a lower monthly payment.