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Concept behind the brand

Since 1941, Jeep® has been the authentic SUV brand with legendary off-road capabilities. Founded as a military vehicle, Jeep® was built to be tough, to navigate varied terrain, to carry heavy equipment and thousands of Allied soldiers around the world. Since then, the brand has been linked to freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion.

About the brand

Jeep® started out as a project for the US Army and has grown into a well-known brand that makes vehicles with impressive capabilities and distinctive personality. Jeep® automobiles are emblematic of the company's slogan, "Go Anywhere®", which promises freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion. 

This technology has continued to be developed to maintain their position as a forerunner in the field, emerging as the undisputed leader in 4x4 technology in the 1940s. New Jeep® automobiles are more comfortable and more connected than ever, with customers' wants and needs at the forefront.