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Arranging the return of your vehicle

If you are returning your vehicle at the end of your agreement you will need to arrange collection using our collection agent. This can be booked up to a month in advance of the end of your contract.

Please be aware that all vehicles aged three years or older must have a valid MOT to cover at least two months. If this is not the case, then the vehicle will not be collected and an abort charge of £180 may be levied. 

It is important that all items are in the vehicle at the point of inspection, as we’re unable to accept items sent to us after the vehicle has been inspected.

Depending on your agreement, you may be able to extend your agreement, or purchase your vehicle. Be sure to get in touch with us via your online account so that we can discuss your end of agreement options.

Preparing for collection

Before your vehicle collection takes place, please ensure that you have the following items, as set out in our start of contract checklist. Failure to supply these may result in additional charges being incurred. 

  • Master key and spare key
  • Logbook (V5C document), if applicable
  • MOT certificate, if applicable
  • Fully complete service book (date stamped in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule)
  • All warranty work must be completed before inspection
  • All personal items must be removed from the vehicle prior to vehicle inspection i.e. third party tracker devices; these are not able to be removed once inspected
  • Any repairs are completed to a high standard before inspection to avoid being charged our costs for repairs
  • If you have an electric vehicle, please ensure it is fully charged at the point of inspection/collection. If the is not fully charged, then the vehicle will not be collected and an abort charge of £180 may be levied.

In addition to supplying the above items, the vehicle should be valeted and cleared of all rubbish, including the boot. Vehicle interior, which includes all carpets, trim and upholstery, must be clean, and free from holes, heavy wearing, staining, tears, burns, scratches or odours. All fittings to the vehicle must be clean and in full working order with no damage. This includes seat belts, rear view mirrors, courtesy lights, sun visors, door bins etc.

To avoid additional charges, it is recommended that you check your vehicle for damage prior to collection. This includes, but is not limited to, bodywork, wheels, tyres windscreen and lights. Example damage charges can be found in our start of contract checklist.  


What to expect when your vehicle is collected

On the day of collection your agent will call you to confirm that they are en route.

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign on your behalf but we advise that you are present when returning your vehicle.

As set out in your agreement, your vehicle must have been kept in good condition and repair, subject to fair wear and tear appropriate to the age and mileage of the vehicle. To determine this, our vehicle collectors will need to inspect your vehicle when collecting it, working in accordance with the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) standards.

If there is any damage or missing parts this will be noted during the inspection. Once the inspection is complete, our agent will show you what they have found and ask you to sign for their records. Shortly after the inspection our collection agent will arrange for the vehicle to be driven away.