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What should I do if my contract is due to end?

If you are reaching the end of your contract and would like to extend it because you have re-ordered a new vehicle with Stellantis Financial Services and it is delayed, we may be able to offer you an extension.

If you would like to extend your contract, then you can ask us for a quote. Please remember that if you do extend the term of your agreement, you will pay more because the agreement is longer, and interest will be applied over a longer period.

You can tell us of your intentions including making a request to extend via your online account using the ‘Extend your contract – delayed replacement vehicle’ option within ‘Manage Agreement’.

If you don’t tell us that you want to extend the agreement or return the vehicle before the final payment is due, then the final payment will become payable, and we’ll take that payment. If you have a PCP agreement the final payment is a balloon payment and much larger than your normal monthly payment. 

Please contact us at your earliest convenience. You can also contact your vehicle retailer to find options about new vehicles if you are interested in part exchanging.