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How do I view documents online?

To view your documents online, you will need to log in or register your online account and select 'My Documents' from your dashboard. All documents should be available to view or download.

You will receive a notification to let you know a new document is available to view. All documents should be available to view or download in PDF format.

All letters will be automatically deleted from your online account after 12 months, so we would recommend you download them and save them to your personal device. To download a document, you simply click on the document name and an automatic download will start.

If you are a business customer with more than 10 vehicles in your fleet, currently your account will not be going paperless unless you have already chosen to do so.

If you are unable to view them, please make sure you have confirmed to see your documents in your online account by going to "My Login" once you've logged in.